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Iconclass Indexes

Iconclass Indexes: Dutch Prints
The Iconclass Indexes: Dutch Prints cover all of the Dutch prints catalogued by Adam von Bartsch in the first five volumes of his magisterial Le Peintre-Graveur. The indexes, in eight volumes, make these prints easily accessible for the first time by cataloging them by subject. All those studying 16th and 17th- century Dutch art and culture will find this work, relieving the researcher of cumbersome research, to be an essential reference tool.
8 volumes planned.

Vol. 1 Early Netherlandish Prints (Lucas van Leyden, Jan Swart, etc.) (in preparation)  
Vol. 2 Maarten van Heemskerck and his School. An iconographic index to New Hollstein Dutch (Galle and Heemskerck). 624 p. € 184
Vol. 3/1 Antwerp Printmakers 1: Cort, Van Groeningen, Van der Borcht. € 152
Vol. 3/2 Antwerp Printmakers 2: The Wierix Family. € 184
Vol. 3/3 Antwerp Printmakers 3: The Collaert Dynasty € 190
Vol. 4 Hendrik Goltzius and his School. An iconographic index to A. Bartsch, Le Peintre-Graveur, vol. 3. 496 p. € 147
Vol. 5 Van Mander and the De Gheyn Family (in preparation)  
Vol. 6 Rembrandt and his School (Rembrandt, Lievens, Van Vliet, Bol) (in preparation)  
Vol. 7 The Seventeenth Century I. An iconographic index to A. Bartsch, Le Peintre-Graveur, vols. 1-2. 185 p. 978-9075035-049 € 65
Vol. 8 The Seventeenth Century II € 120


Iconclass Indexes: Early German Prints
From the time between 1460 and 1,600, the wealth of German Prints created by artists such as Martin Schongauer, Albrecht Dürer and the Beham brothers had an enormous influence on the visual arts of Europe. The Iconclass Indexes: Early German Prints will allow access to that art, not just referring to main subjects but also to many details that will prove interesting to the researcher. The Iconclass Indexes: Early German Prints is an indispensable reference tool for all those studying German art and culture in the 15th and 16th centuries.
5 volumes planned.

Vol. 1 Martin Schongauer and his School € 125
Vol. 2 Albrecht Dürer and his Time I € 155
Vol. 3 Albrecht Dürer and his Time II € 140
Vol. 4 Virgil Solis and his Time € 165
Vol. 5 German Masters 1550-1600 (e.g. Amman, Lorch, and the Monogrammists). 2013

Iconclass Indexes: Rembrandt and His School
The powerful influence that master painter Rembrandt van Rijn had on Dutch artists of the seventeenth century has never been a topic of debate. Many of Rembrandt's subjects and details reappear in works by the artists of his school. However, despite the sheer number of paintings and drawings produced by Rembrandt's followers, there existed no general iconographical reference work on them. These volumes allow immediate access to a wealth of visual material linking the works of the students to the works of the teacher. They are sure to become indispensable reference tools for scholars studying the Dutch seventeenth century.
All 6 volumes now available:

Vol. 1 Paintings of the Rembrandt School, artists A-J                     € 155
Vol. 2 Paintings of the Rembrandt School, artists K-Z                    € 160
Vol. 3 Rembrandt Drawings                                                                € 130
Vol. 4 Drawings of the Rembrandt School, artists A-J                    € 150
Vol. 5 Drawings of the Rembrandt School, artists K-Z                   € 160
Vol. 6 Rembrandt paintings. An index to the paintings
catalogued in the volumes of the Rembrandt Research Project.     € 140

Iconclass Indexes: Early Netherlandish Painting
All 6 volumes now available:

Vol. 1 The Founders (e.g. Bouts, Petrus Christus, van Eyck, Master of Flémalle,
Geertgen tot Sint Jans, van der Leyden). 978-9075035-162. 775 pp                                        € 179
Vol. 2/1 Bosch, and the Second Generation I (e.g. Bosch, David, Gossaert,
Massys, Memlinc). 978-9075035-186. 805 p.                                                                           € 190
Vol. 2/2 The Second Generation II (e.g. Van Cleve, Gossaert, Van Orley, Patinier)
978-9075035-209. 617 p.                                                                                                             € 180
Vol. 3/1 The Third Generation 1: Northern Artists (e.g. Engelbrechtsz., van Heemskerck,
van Leyden, Mostaert, Van Scorel). 978-9075035-254. 575 p.                                                € 170
Vol. 3/2 The Third Generation 2: The Southern Netherlands I. 978-90-75035-28-5             € 170
Vol. 3/3 The Third Generation 3: The Southern Netherlands II. 978-90-75035-31-5            € 170

An Iconclass Handbook
By Roelof Van Straten

Between 1973 and 1985 a group of art historians at the University of Leiden prepared the final publication of H. van de Waal's multi-volume ICONCLASS: An Iconographic Identification System. Although the system is now widely used by art historians and cultural historians all over the world, a handbook on its use was sorely needed. This volume, the first comprehensive handbook on iconographic indexing and ICONCLASS, meets that need and is an important addition to the original 17- volume work.

250 pp, with 33 illustrations and 4 diagrams € 80

The Bible In Print:
Netherlandish Bible Illustration In The Sixteenth Century

By B.A. Rosier
This fascinating book brings together for the first time a wealth of information on the development of illustration in early mass-produced editions of the Bible in The Netherlands. With woodcut Bible illustrations often playing an important role in the popularity of certain editions of the Bible, successful woodcut series were used over and over again, thus making it problematic to study the development and history of Bible illustration. This book renders a great service to the research community by disentangling the web of use, re-use and duplication of certain early illustrations and woodcut series.

2-volumes, clothbound € 210