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Essays on Slavic Collections,
Bibliography & Bookculture,

By Edward Kasinec and Robert H. Davis, Jr.
With a Preface By
Ekaterina Genieva, Director General,
Library for Foreign Literature, Moscow

54 Essays for Slavicists,
Students of Russian Culture and Bibliophiles

            Edward Kasinec served as Curator of the Slavic and Baltic Division of The New York Public Library for a quarter of a century (from 1984-2009), the second longest tenure (after Avrahm Yarmolinsky) in the history of the Division. Over most of those years Robert H. Davis, Jr., now Slavic Librarian at Columbia University, served as Assistant Curator. During their joint tenure they oversaw an enormous expansion of the collection, while creating a notable body of professional literature in the Slavic field.

            The present volume (the second of two), is a selection of 54 of their contributions to Slavic book culture originally published over a period of nearly 24 years in diverse venues and formats. Unlike the first volume, Slavic and Russian Books and Libraries, which appeared in 2007, in which all of the essays were authored by Kasinec and Davis individually or together, the second volume includes some essays that Edward Kasinec co-authored with other colleagues and friends, including Robert Karlowich (Pratt Institute, Emeritus), Robert Whittaker (Lehman College, CUNY), Richard Wortman (Columbia University, Emeritus) and J. Robert Wright (General Theological Seminary), to name but a few. While >volume one= contained principally interpretative historical essays, this volume reprints several other genres, including extended commentaries, brief introductions to reference volumes, and reports on grants that were developed by the authors. In addition, the authors have reprinted several historical essays that have appeared since publication of Slavic and Russian Books.

                  "In their latest contribution to Slavic book studies and culture, covering 1984- 2008, Kasinec and Davis once again present the reader with a fascinating array of essays that reflect not only the unique collections which came under their curatorship at the New York Public Library, but also the wide world beyond, documenting the fate of important, but often little-known libraries and special collections, and librarians and bookmen of the Slavic world in the turmoil of the 20th century. As always, whether it be an introduction to a reference work, an article in an art journal or a chapter in a scholarly tome, each essay is a gem of conciseness and meticulous documentation, with the topic carefully put into historical context. The authors are particularly skillful in highlighting the importance of a given collection or body of work, and in suggesting areas for further research. Overarching all of these essays, written for disparate audiences and purposes, is the passion Kasinec and Davis show for their subjects, coupled with a determination to have hidden collections made accessible, and to acknowledge the achievements of the men and women who have devoted their lives to preserving the intellectual and creative fruits of their history and culture."
                        June Pachuta Farris
                        Bibliographer for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies
                        University of Chicago Library

            The book is divided into three sections: Libraries, Librarians, Museums and Books; Grantsmanship; and Prefaces, Forewords and Introductions, which are preceded by an Introduction and a Preface and followed by an Authors' Bibliography (Kasinec and Davis's works of 2008 and 2009), and a Personal Name Index.

Publication Date: August 2010
Essays on Slavic Collections, Bibliography & Bookculture, 1984-2008,
Library binding, acid-free paper, 8 3/8" x 11 3/4", xiii, 241 p., 978-088354-0459..............$75.00

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Slavic and Russian Books and Libraries: Occasional Essays and Notes
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            This book contains 20 of the authors' contributions to Slavic book culture originally published over a period of nearly 25 years in diverse journals and formats. This volume introduces the reader to little-known aspects of Russian intellectual life and contributes to the broader field of cultural studies. In fact, this convenient compilation of essays draws from disparate and not always widely-available sources, saving the reader's time."
                         ---John V. Richardson Jr., University of California, Los Angeles

Library binding, acid-free paper, 214 p., 978-088354-0442...$75.00































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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